Simón Bolívar International Airport


A ground support facility at Simón Bolívar International Airport, supporting trips throughout Venezuela

Walter Lindo

On behalf of our team,
welcome to Venezuela!

Our door is always open, and you can find me anytime you need me. I will exceed your expectations with professionalism, honesty and respect. As the only licensed handler in Caracas, we have a duty to deliver efficient, uncompromised service. We have the ability to get things done right, with a personal touch, to help you keep your promises.

I look forward to seeing you on your next trip.


Walter Lindo

Managing Director
Universal Aviation in Caracas, Venezuela

Three different ways we can take care of your
ground support needs throughout Venezuela

  • We operate a ground support facility at SVMI.
  • We can send our agents to meet you at any destination.
  • We can help coordinate ground support for any location.


Ground support capabilities

Languages spoken Spanish and English
Customs and immigration? Yes – located in main terminal
UVair® contract fuel available? Yes
Conference rooms? No
Limousine service and car rental? Yes
Crew accommodation arrangements? Yes
Security arrangements? Yes
Maintenance? Yes – by arrangement
Direct ramp access? No – ramp access through terminal access door only
Computerized worldwide weather briefings? Yes
Baggage handling? Yes
Permit coordination? Yes
Lav service? Yes

Flight support

RVSM: Not implemented
ACAS/TCAS II: Required for certain aircraft; check AIP
ICAO Annex 16, Chapter II: Restrictions are in place.
RNP 5/RNP 10 airspace: Not implemented
8.33 MHz channel spacing: Not required
Airport fire protection category: SVMI: 10


Autopista Caracas-La Guaira is the major highway from Caracas to the airport. Follow the signs to Aeropuerto Simón Bolívar and look for the Domestic Terminal (Terminal Nacional) to the right side. Make a U-turn to the Auxiliary Terminal.

Facility contact information

Universal Weather and Aviation de Venezuela C.A.
Auxiliary Terminal, Office 1 and 2
Simon Bolivar International Airport
Maiquetia, Estado Vargas 1160

Location FAQ

Hours of operation 08:00 – 17:00 (24 hours on request)
Airport restrictions? Yes – landing permit required unless quick fuel stop.
GA restriction time are:
06:00 to 10:00 local time. NOT PERMITTED
16:00 to 19:00 local time. NOT PERMITTED
Noise restrictions? No
Slots required? No
VIP passenger lounge? Yes
VIP crew lounge? Yes
Air conditioning? Yes
Internet access/Wi-Fi? Yes
Digital newspapers No
Refreshments? Yes
Flight-plan filing? Yes
Restrooms? Yes
Showers? No
Prayer room? No
Hangarage? No
VIP catering? Yes

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Contact Information

Contact details for Universal Aviation at SVMI
Contact detail Location detail
Country: Venezuela
Main office: Caracas, Venezuela
Locations served: All of Venezuela
Radio frequency: 130.95 MHz
Managing director: Walter Lindo
Phone: +58 212 3552025
+58 212 3552241
Mobile: +58 414 7894919 (Sabrina)
+1 713 444 3658 (Sabrina)
+58 414 7894929 (Walter)
+1 281 814 5249 (Walter)
Fax: +58 212 3552514
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