ARUBA | Oranjestad
Reina Beatrix International Airport


An FBO and General Aviation Terminal (GAT) operated by Universal Aviation at Queen Beatrix International Airport

Claudio Stamper

Pre-clearanceOn behalf of our team,
welcome to Aruba!

The experience we strive for every time is a fast, stress-free, and relaxing welcome. We are the only GA Terminal/FBO on the island of Aruba, and in the Caribbean. Business jet operators will appreciate our separate GA ramp, with close and easy access.

Our staff is trained to make your trip as smooth as possible. We work to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it, from touch down to take off.

Visitors fall in love with our island’s sun, beaches, and friendly people. That warmth begins the moment you meet our staff.

I look forward to working with your on your next trip to Aruba.


Claudio Stamper

General Manager
Universal Aviation Aruba – Oranjestad


Ground support capabilities

Languages spoken Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish, and English
Customs and immigration? Yes
UVair® contract fuel available? Yes
Conference rooms? No
Limousine service and car rental? Yes
Crew accommodation arrangements? Yes
Security arrangements? Yes
Maintenance? Yes
Direct ramp access? Yes
Computerized worldwide weather briefings? Yes
Baggage handling? Yes
Permit coordination? No
Lav service? Yes
Additional capabilities General Aviation Terminal operated by Universal Aviation

Flight support

RVSM: Implemented
ACAS/TCAS II: Not required as of 2005
ICAO Annex 16, Chapter II: Abatement procedures apply. Coordinate with ATC.
RNP 5/RNP 10 airspace: Not implemented as of 2005
8.33 MHz channel spacing: Not required as of 2005
Airport fire protection category: TNCA: 9


Directions to airport

From all hotels on the island, head east on the main road, which will take you all the way to the airport.

Directions to office

Drive past the front of the airport terminal around the parking lot, moving all the way to the right lane before reaching the traffic lights. The lane will guide you in the direction of San Nicolaas. Driving east, take the first exit to the right before the Mahuma crossing. Drive that road to its end and turn left. Drive along the airport fence without exiting to the "T" intersection; turn right, then left, at the next intersection. Drive to the end of the street and turn right. After you drive along that road for about 100 feet, a sign on the left will indicate the direction of the GAT. Turn right just across from the sign and follow an "S"-shaped road all the way to the GAT parking lot.

Facility contact information

Universal Aviation Aruba – Oranjestad
General Aviation Terminal
Kas Paloma 75
Reina Beatrix International Airport
Oranjestad, Aruba

Location FAQ

Hours of operation 0700 – 2359
Airport restrictions? No
Noise restrictions? Yes – Noise abatement procedures in place. Check with ATC.
Slots required? No
VIP passenger lounge? No
VIP crew lounge? Yes
Air conditioning? Yes
Internet access/Wi-Fi? Yes
Digital newspapers No
Refreshments? Yes
Flight-plan filing? Yes
Restrooms? Yes
Showers? No
Prayer room? No
Hangarage? Limited – call for availability
VIP catering? Yes

U.S. border pre-clearance

Notice: Beginning March 20, 2014, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) pre-clearance is now available in Oranjestad, Aruba. Pre-clearance of general aviation (GA) aircraft is conducted Sunday through Saturday from 0800-1600 EST (0900-1700 EDST). If you have any questions on permitted departure times for pre-cleared GA flight requests, please contact Universal Aviation Aruba – Oranjestad at +297 588 2465.

What is U.S. border pre-clearance?

U.S. customs and border pre-clearance is the process by which international flights bound for the U.S. are able to undergo all necessary customs and immigrations checks prior to landing on U.S. soil. On arrival at one of more than 200 airports in the U.S., crew and passengers are then classified as domestic travelers resulting in the avoidance of potentially lengthy clearances and delays.

What is a pre-clearance inspection?

A pre-clearance inspection is essentially the same inspection a traveler would experience at a U.S. port of entry, but is completed on foreign soil.

Pre-clearance services availability

The majority of conditions established for the private aircraft also apply to unscheduled commercial flights. Pre-clearance of chartered aircraft must be requested at least 24 hours in advance, and is approved on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-clearance conditions and limitations

Pilots of private aircraft and unscheduled commercial carriers (charter), or their representatives, must:

  • Request and be approved pre-clearance services at least 24 hours in advance of departure and before close of business the previous day;
  • Submit an electronic manifest (APIS) no later than 60 minutes prior to inspection start time;
  • Present travelers, all baggage and aircraft for inspection to the CBP facility;
  • All personal effects must be removed from the aircraft for the pre-clearance inspection.
  • Ensure servicing of the aircraft is conducted prior to its physical CBP inspection;
  • Compliance with other CBP requirements as indicated on and as indicated in the "CBP Pre-clearance of General Aviation Summary Guide";
  • Pre-clearance aircraft must land at a U.S. airport of entry where international trash removal is available.

The maximum passenger/crew capacity (combined) may not exceed 19 total people per GA flight request.

For more information about U.S. pre-clearance at our location, call us at +297 588 2465 or contact us online.

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Contact Information

Contact details for Universal Aviation at TNCA
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Country: Aruba
Main office: Oranjestad, Aruba
Locations served: All of Aruba
Radio frequency: 131.45 MHz
General manager: Claudio Stamper
Phone: +297 588 2465
+297 588 2483
Mobile: +297 593 6257 (Claudio Stamper)
Fax: +297 588 2491
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