Internacional Airport de Jerez la Parra · Jerez

Whether you are staying locally in Jerez or just passing through, we can coordinate multi-city itineraries and provide on-airport supervision at airports across Spain and the globe.

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Languages spoken

Spanish and English

Hours of operation

0645 Local Time – 2300 Local Time


Andalucia Aviation in Partnership with Universal Aviation
Carretera N-IV, km. 628.5
11401 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain

Sacri JuradoStation Manager, Andalucia Aviation

+34 619 805449


Some Great Reasons to Choose Us

  1. On average, passengers and crew are in and out of the airport in 10 minutes.
  2. We can coordinate multi-city itineraries and provide on-airport supervision at airports across Spain and the globe.
  3. Our highly trained staff is fluent in English and adheres to global compliance regulations and safety standards.

Services & Amenities for this Location

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Catering Arrangements
Ground Transportation

All Available Services & Amenities

  • Crew Lounge
  • Contract Fuel Available
  • Flight Plan Filing
  • Weather Briefings
  • Permit Coordination
  • Baggage Handling
  • Security Arrangements
  • Crew Hotel Arrangements
  • Refreshments
  • Catering Arrangements
  • Ground Transportation
  • Internet Access
  • Car Rental
  • Lav Services
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Restrooms
  • Air Conditioning

Airport Information

Airport NameInternacional Airport de Jerez la Parra
LocationJerez, Spain
LAT / LONN36°44’40.63 / O6°3’36.4
Elevation28 m / 93 ft
Magnetic Variation1ºW (2020)
Airport of EntryYes
Hours of OperationSummer: 0445-2100; Winter: 0545-2200
Fuel Available100LL, JET A-1. (1)
Longest Runway2300 m
ApproachesRWY02: Simple, 485 m. LIH. Threshold identification lights
RWY20: Precision CAT I, 900 m. LIH. Threshold identification lights
NavaidDVOR (1ºW) JRZ 113.000 MHz H24 364854.7N 0060135.5W DME JRZ CH 77X H24 364854.9N 0060134.7W 90 m NDB (1ºW) JER 433.000 kHz H24 365004.1N 0060058.4W COV 50 NM LOC 20 IJR 108.900 MHz H24 364356.8N 0060357.8W 203° MAG / 301 m FM THR 02 ILS CAT I GP 20 329.300 MHz H24 364503.5N 0060319.9W 3°; RDH 15.8 m; a // at 344 m FM THR 20 & 124 m FM RCL a la izquierda en el sentido de APCH // On the left in direction APCH. ILS/DME 20 (1ºW) IJR CH 26X H24 364503.7N 0060320.4W 36 m REF DME THR 20 DVOR (1ºW) VJF 117.80 MHz H24 361421.6N 0055831.8W Oscilaciones // Oscillations BLW 4500 ft AMSL, BTN R-040/R-130. DME VJF CH 125X H24 361421.3N 0055831.2W 210 m
2500 ft AMSL2500 ft AMSL
8.33 MHz channel spacingRequired
Fire Category7
Slots RequiredYes
Tower Frequency118.550 MHz HR AD
Ground Frequency133.275 MHz HR AD GMC
ATIS125.650 MHz HR AD
Airport Diagram

Diagram of LEJR

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